Value-Based Conflicts in the Regions Between the Oder and the Danube

Ondrušek D., Strečanský B., Fialová Z. (eds.)

Mapping Study and Good Practices

Ondrušek D., Strečanský B., Fialová Z. (eds.)

Jazyk: anglický
Počet strán: 250
Rok vydania: 2018

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This study is a part of the European Network for Non-Violence and Dialogue (ENND) project, which, as its title states, is mostly a networking and activist initiative aimed at linking successful initiatives mitigating conflicts and promoting dialogue in European societies. Accordingly, the present study is mapping the value conflicts in seven EU countries, focussing mostly on the possible actions of civil society actors to deal with these conflicts in a peaceful way. It does not aspire to be an in-depth scientific analysis on all value-based conflicts present in the region, but rather to perform extensive mapping of value-based conflicts in selected countries, their reasons, the parties involved and possible future scenarios drafted. Its purpose is to create an information basis on future actions of the civic actors’ network.