We invite you to the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Civic Actors in Conflict 3

 The aim of our conference will be to look for answers for these key questions: 

  • What will be our attitude towards value conflicts with violent consequences? Is it at all about values when facing direct or indirect violence? How shall we deal with hate speech encouraging violence? And is there a difference if it happens face to face vs. the online space?
  •  Are there situations in which physical violence can be justified? How to deal with structural and cultural violence? What solutions of social value based conflicts do we want to apply at institutional level and what are the cultural ways of dealing with violence?
  • Violence and words? What is tolerable, legitimate and perhaps healthy for the society? What is polarising our societies?

Context of the conference:

We continue in a series of our conferences from 2014 and 2015 (Civic actors in conflicts). This time our prime focus is on physical, structural and cultural violence in an attempt to reflect the current social situation in the CEE region. Our societies lack democratic ways of dealing with prevention and transformation of various forms of violence. Increasing incidences of various forms of violence, growing extremism, devaluation of political and social dialogue, decreasing trust in public institutions and increased hate speech are among the most common negative issues in the region.


If you would like to apply for the conference, please read the information bellow:

Participation fee is 70 EUR, and the payment is due on March 20, 2017. 

The number of participants is limited. Registration is open until March 20, 2017 or until the number of available
seats is filled. The application becomes valid only after we receive the payment to our bank account.

Payment details: PDCS, o.z., Štúrova 13, 811 02 Bratislava
Bank account number: 2625806011 (Bank code: 1100)
Name of the Bank: TATRA BANKA, Hodžovo námestie 3, 811 06 Bratislava
Bank Account holder: PDCS, o.z.
IBAN: SK60 1100 0000 0026 2580 6011
Variable Code: 05042017
Note: Name and surname of the participant

The conference will take place in Hotel Saffron, Radlinského 27, Bratislava. The organisers provide accommodation and meals during the conference to a limited number of participants who participate fully in the program of the conference. Self-funded participants are also welcome and will have provided meals during the conference.

The organisers do NOT cover travel costs of the participants. However, we offer partial travel costs reimbursement
for participants who will submit a motivation letter latest by March 10th. The motivation letter must include the
following information: name, country, name of the organisation, motivation to attend the conference, justification
of travel reimbursement, mode of transport and estimated price (maximum 1 page). Organisers will make decision
regarding the travel costs reimbursement within one week after they receive the motivation letter.

In case you need more information, please contact Monika Strakova at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.